Let’s Celebrate and Give Thanks


  We want to give thanks to our customers and charities who make this world a better place for all of us. We are a passionate group of individuals who work to for a greater calling than just a paycheck. We love to help people reach their goals….and have a little fun along the way! […]

Focusing on the user experience in your Mobile Auction (Part 2 of 2)

Our last post, What Makes an Auction Roar, we talked about the creating a fun and engaging bidder experience order to keep bidders engaged and bidding.  If you have not read it yet, we recommend that you start there and then jump back over here to learn more about our unique approach to this. Some […]

How do you make your silent auction roar? Focus on the user experience (Part 1 of 2)

We are often asked the question, “what sets Handbid apart from other mobile bidding solutions?” There are a lot of ways to answer that question but the one that we emphasize the most is our strong focus on making the the end-user experience so engaging and fun that bidders can’t help but become active in […]

5 Things that can Improve Your Silent Auction (4/5) – Checkout and Payment!

We have all heard the horror stories about long checkout lines. We lived those before we created Handbid so we remember how the pain felt. The obvious thing to do is to automate the creation of invoices and payment with an automated system. But there is more to it than that. I have seen so […]

5 Things that can Improve Your Silent Auction (3/5) – Pre-Bidding

What is pre-bidding? For those of you having a silent auction at your fundraising event, pre-bidding is the practice of opening up your auction beforehand.  For most, this ranges from 3-5 days prior to the event.  If done correctly, pre-bidding can have a profound effect on your overall auction’s success.  This is what we will […]