3 Bid-Worthy Auction Items

  It’s safe to say we’ve experienced a lot of auctions in our time. Trust us, we’ve seen it all – the good, the bad, the ugly and the awesome. It’s why we love to share our observations and tips with you! One question we get a lot is simple: “What items do especially well at auctions?” […]

That Big Item: Silent Auction vs. Live Auction

It was an amazing auction item, a prize if I ever saw one. We had received a foursome to an exclusive Denver golf course. The donation still amazes me. When the generous gift came in, our entire committee was thrilled! We knew right away this item was far too good for our silent auction and […]

Handbid’s Friends & Family Tragedy Program

While we always hope for the best, it’s inevitable that those close to us are not immune to tragedy. Whether it’s a terminal illness, death, an accident or severe injury, any number of things can catch a family off guard. It warms our heart when communities come together to support victims and their families. At […]

Want to increase your silent auction revenue? Check your bid increments!

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   What’s another $100 to one of your bidders? Well, it could mean $8,000 to you! No, really. Small errors in starting bids and bid increments can cost you thousands of dollars. Let’s dive into the impact that high bid increments can have on your silent auction revenue. It could mean big bucks for your […]

Are consignment items a good idea in your silent auction?


Ever been to a charity auction and seen those autographed sports items or a guitar signed by a famous rock star?  Better yet, have you been asked to bid in a live auction on an African Safari or a trip to the next Super Bowl?   Ever wondered, wow, how did these guys get that kind […]